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White Fillings

Even with a good oral healthcare regime, most people will discover they need a filling at some point in their life. Traditional fillings are made from metal amalgam, and can be quite obvious when you smile, particularly if they are near the front of the mouth.

These days, more and more people are opting for white or tooth-coloured fillings, one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. Because this is considered a cosmetic procedure, white fillings are only available to private patients (amalgam fillings are available on the NHS).

White fillings are made from a compound material of glass or ceramic materials and resin, which can be matched closely to the natural shade of your own teeth. They are far less noticeable than traditional metal amalgam fillings, and while once they were considered weaker than metal fillings they are now almost as strong. How long any filling will last will depend on where it is in your mouth and how your teeth meet together, but with proper care white fillings should last you many years.

As well as using white fillings to restore a tooth after decay has been removed, at Croydon Dental Care we can also replace worn grey or metal fillings.

White fillings are usually fitted using local anaesthetic, after decay or an old metal filling has been removed. A rubber dam is used to isolate the affected tooth and to keep the area clean.

White fillings can stain over time, and will not be affected by tooth whitening products, so if you are considering having tooth whitening you should discuss this with your dentist before having your filling placed.

Prices for white fillings will vary depending on their size, shape and their location in your mouth. Should we discover you need a filling at your dental check-up, we will give you the price and treatment options for both white and metal amalgam fillings.